Campaign launch

press release

Media Advisory - For Immediate Release                                             Friday, June 8th, 2018


Contact:  Lisa Bunker, candidate       lisabunkernh@gmail.com        207 985-2053





On Friday, June 8th, Exeter resident Lisa Bunker filed to run for state representative in the 2018 election. Bunker, a democrat, is self-employed as an author and activist. Before taking up writing full time she had a thirty year career in non-commercial radio. She moved to Exeter to be with her partner, Dawn Huebner, a long-time resident, who is also an author and who has a psychology practice downtown.


Bunker is running on a progressive platform, with emphasis on addressing the growing opportunity gap. “My new life gives me stability and time to serve,” she says.  “This was not always true. I struggled financially for much of the past decade. I know what it’s like to work two or three jobs and still come up short at the end of the month. I know what it’s like to live one paycheck away from disaster.” If elected she pledges to fight for a living wage, affordable housing, quality education, and health-care coverage for all. Other major platform planks include giving voice to the voiceless, and sustainable stewardship.


It was the 2016 election, Bunker says, that inspired her to run. “Like many other people,” she says, “I find myself in opposition to our current national administration. I reject its lies, division, fear-mongering, and bullying, and want to do all I can to stand up for truth, inclusion, trust, and basic human respect and decency.” Her campaign slogan is “Community. Courtesy. Compassion.”


Bunker says she is looking forward to canvassing starting in the summer. “I enjoy meeting people, and I’m truly interested to hear what’s on residents’ minds. I plan to knock on thousands of doors, ask people what they want from state government, and then do way more listening than talking.”


Campaign website: www.lisa4exeter.com (hi res photo available on press page)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lisa4Exeter/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lisa4Exeter