My priorities as a State Representative fall into three broad categories:

Give Voice to the Voiceless

  • Champion access to the ballot box by all eligible voters and truly fair election systems

  • Fight for equal protection, representation, and rights for ALL Granite Staters, including people living with poverty, women, children, people of color, disabled people, and lgbtq people

  • Work to dismantle systemic racism

  • Advocate for immigrants’ rights and safety

  • Stand with all those whom others seek to demonize, silence, or erase through bullying, lies, and propaganda


Fix the Opportunity Gap

  • Ensure a living wage for every Granite Stater able to work

  • Preserve sufficient safety net and support services for those at greatest risk

  • Aid and build programs that help struggling families

  • Look for new ways to ensure affordable housing for all New Hampshire residents

  • Support and grow our public education system

  • Provide access to affordable, comprehensive health care for all, including unrestricted access to reproductive health services

Practice Sustainable Stewardship

  • Strive for approaches to energy production and consumption that are clean and renewable

  • Preserve our environment for future generations

  • Construct systems that support small business and entrepreneurial innovation

  • Invest in infrastructure and public transportation

  • Protect retirement, pension security, and support systems for our honored veterans

And, my position on firearms: I support Americans' constitutionally protected right to own guns, but I also believe we have an epidemic of gun violence in our country, and that we can and should regulate firearms to address that epidemic. I am in favor of banning assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and bump stocks. I also support universal background checks and closing gun-show and private sale loopholes. In general, I believe we should manage guns along the same lines as we manage cars, with training and tests, licencing and registration, dealer regulation, and insurance.